I had the opportunity to collaborate with my SCAD classmates to create this fun opening title animation for the 2014 CoMotion event. Top agencies visit SCAD for a weekend of portfolio reviews, industry insight, and panel discussions. 

CREDITS: Creative Direction: Jay Keeree 

LOGO DESIGN / BRANDING: Robert Morrison Jr. 

DESIGNERS: Robert Morrison Jr. and Audrey Yeo 

SOUND DESIGN: Leonardo Tortolo Magrin 

ANIMATORS: Peter Clark, Robert Morrison Jr., Audrey Yeo, Chris Salvador, Austin Hochstatter, Chase Hochstatter, Christian Kay, John Hughes, Jay Keeree, Taylor English, Lou Ward, Mark Godoy Jr., Sarah Beth Hulver, Cindy Suen, Yeojin Shin, Danyi Wang, and Jackie Khanh Doan 

VISUALIZATION: Ana Christina Lossada, Obiageli Noah, Trevor Okoye, Isabella Carapella, Chris Finn, and Rick Kuan 

MomeLove Officers: Devon Hosford, Jay Keeree, Taylor English, Isabella Carapella, and Lou Ward

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